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Effective on Aug 1, 2018


SYNCHTECH - FZCO, was incorporated in 2018 in Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (DTEC) under trade license number 3110 for the purpose of bring together many activities such as managing and developing portals. SYNCHTECH - FZCO maintains CoProvider Website. The following are the terms govern the use of the Site (Terms Of Use “TOU"). By using the Site you expressly agree to be bound by these TOU and the CoProvider Website privacy policy and all applicable laws and regulations governing the use of the CoProvider Website. SYNCHTECH - FZCO reserves the right to change these TOU at any time, with immediately effective upon posting on the CoProvider Website. Please check CoProvider Website periodically. Any updates to the TOU will be notified at the Website.

Use of the CoProvider Website shall be subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions of use defining the relation between the users (hereinafter "you" or “the subscriber”) and the CoProvider Website.

If you violate these TOU, SYNCHTECH - FZCO may terminate your subscription of the CoProvider Website, furthermore you may be banned from future use of the CoProvider Website, and/or an appropriate legal action may be taken against you.

At the CoProvider Website, professionals of service buyers and sellers from different geographical areas are advised to sign up in order to create among them business opportunities for collaboration both domestic and international, and to provide them with value-added information (market surveys, best practices, dashboards, industry news, etc.).

The CoProvider Website is a global professional social portal, available, so far, in English language only and dedicated to services such facility management services, private labelling, logistic services and others. The CoProvider Website enables sellers to present and put forward their services and to receive Request for Proposals/ Request For Quotations (RFP/RFQ) from service buyers.

These Terms and Conditions set out the various functionalities of the CoProvider Website and shall govern the relations between its users and the SYNCHTECH - FZCO.


The various services offered by the CoProvider Website are usually accessible only to the subscribers. You may access the subscription which is best suited to your needs and operations by clicking Join us.

The price for the subscription is the price in force on the date of subscription. The applicable fees and taxes lists are available in the Membership FEES.

In order to create that account, you will be required to identify yourself as a buyer or seller of services. You will also be required to disclose certain data/details of a personal and company’s nature which are essential in order to identify you.

The CoProvider Website reserves the right to suspend and/or close your account at its discretion if your electronic address ceases to be valid, if you fail to provide all the information required, or if you provide information that is inaccurate or obsolete, or inconsistent with the rules of ethics illustrated under the section "User content" below.

You may deactivate your Account at any time by using the appropriate function available on the CoProvider Website. If you are a subscriber, the Account must be maintained throughout the duration of the subscription in order to obtain the related full benefit.


Regardless of the industry and category/ categories in which you register on the site, you may create a company’s Profile enabling you to add description and details of your company, to add photos and YouTube link of the provided service and/or products, to add sub-categories and tags for the users search criteria, to respond to RFQ/RFP and get awarded jobs, to rate buyers and got rated according to your responses and deliverables and/or to participate on the consultation events.

Sellers accordingly are responsible of all the entered data in the profile and responses.


If you have a buyer or seller Account, you can then engage on the consultancy discussion chat. In order to do so, you have only to select the industry related to your concern or discussion topic, then your comment will be exposed to other buyers/sellers and perhaps to receive public answers to your request. You have only the option of conducting those consultations in public mode, i.e., they will be visible to all buyers and sellers.


If you find a new service provider through the CoProvider Website, you are naturally at liberty to enter into a business deal with the latter, by any means whatsoever.

The CoProvider Website provides you with an opportunity to find the appropriate match of service buyers or sellers as CoProvider Website only exist to stream line the service procurement processes and to allow sellers to generate business leads through fair opportunities in marketplace, but it remains outside those relations in all cases and is never committed on any basis whatsoever.


The CoProvider Website was developed to set up and manage a professional B2B portal intended to provide sellers with an opportunity to offer their products or services, to issue job offers and consultations and generally, to enter into business relationships.

Neither SYNCHTECH - FZCO / CoProvider Website naturally warrant the outcome of connections made through the CoProvider Website, nor the successful completion of business negotiations and the outcome of the buyers’ RFQ’s/ RFP’s or any other contact it is intended to assist.

You are in sole control of the successful completion of your projects.

CoProvider Website is a professional portal enhanced with tools to allow the refine search for service providers and to allow buyers and sellers to create accounts for the purpose of streamlining the procurement process and tracking their performance of procurement or sales in simple dashboards.

Accordingly, SYNCHTECH - FZCO / CoProvider Website shall bear no obligation/responsibility to review or supervise the product contents of RFQ’s/RFP’s, job offers or Profiles of sellers using CoProvider Website. In general, SYNCHTECH - FZCO shall bear no liability for the content posted on the CoProvider Website by the users of that Website. SYNCHTECH - FZCO / CoProvider Website does not warrant, in particular, the accuracy of the information entered by the sellers in connection with the services they offer, or the accuracy of the business information, which they are solely responsible for posting.

The users of the CoProvider Website are accordingly solely accountable for the information they select to enter and put on line.

SYNCHTECH - FZCO shall bear no liability in any event to make reparation for any direct or indirect damage suffered in connection with use of the CoProvider Website, the dissemination of information relating to products, services or companies on the CoProvider Website, the creation of a sourcing request or any other user content, including operating losses and business losses, and more generally, any damage that is not due solely and directly to CoProvider Website.


The users of the CoProvider Website agree not to post any content that could infringe the rights of SYNCHTECH - FZCO or a third party, and in particular any defamatory or offensive materials, or materials infringing the intellectual-property rights of SYNCHTECH - FZCO or any third party. The users agree, in particular, to abstain from any untrue or misleading information.


You expressly acknowledge and agree that the CoProvider Website is offered to you "as-is". Accordingly, without limitation, SYNCHTECH - FZCO/ CoProvider Website does not warrant that the identities and contact information of the users of the CoProvider Website are correct: they are those that are entered by those users when creating their Accounts, and it is up to them to update that information whenever necessary.

CoProvider Website does not warrant either that the presentation of products or services or the issuance of a sourcing request will allow the generation of any business opportunity whatsoever. The issuance of a sourcing request shall be carried out under the sole responsibility of its organizer.

SYNCHTECH - FZCO does not warrant that operation of the CoProvider Website will be uninterrupted and makes no commitment in that respect, except as provided for under the section "Suspension of the Website".


Use of the CoProvider Website shall not confer on you any intellectual-property right relating to any element of the Website whatsoever, whether the content and tools created and/or made available to you by SYNCHTECH - FZCO and which shall remain its property, or the proprietary materials of third parties (text, images, videos, trademarks, patents and designs, databases graphics, logos, etc.) which shall remain the property of their respective owners.

CoProvider Website reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the Services. Using the Website does not give you any ownership in our Services or the content or information made available through our Services.


The information of a personal nature collected through the CoProvider Website is subject to computerized processing, under the responsibility of the SYNCHTECH - FZCO.

Such processing is implemented in order to provide you with the services accessible through the CoProvider Website.

The data of a personal nature that you enter are forwarded to other users of the CoProvider Website through your Profile, in order to enable them, if applicable, to discover your products or services and to approach you. Only the data you have agreed to enter in your CoProvider Account will be disclosed to the other users of the CoProvider Website.

CoProvider Website shall not sell your personal data to business partners without your prior and express consent, which you may grant us at the time of creation of your CoProvider Account.

We will use the information and data that you provide and that we have about Subscribers to make recommendations for connections, content and features that may be useful to you. For example, we use data and information about you to recommend services to you. Keeping your profile accurate and upto- date helps us to make these recommendations more accurate and relevant.


SYNCHTECH - FZCO shall use its best efforts to maintain the quality of the CoProvider Website’s services and for that purpose, shall perform on a regular basis remedial-maintenance or enhancement operations on the Coprovider Website.

During such operations, access to the CoProvider Website may be more difficult or impossible. SYNCHTECH - FZCO shall bear no liability for any damage whatsoever that may be caused by such suspensions.

SYNCHTECH - FZCO shall not be bound in any event to allow access to the CoProvider Website in case of technical issue such as; any unforeseeable and irresistible event outside its control, such as strike, adverse weather, embargo, failure of power supply or internet network, malfunction of satellites, or breach of their obligations by internet service providers.


You agree to indemnify and hold SYNCHTECH – FZCO/ CoProvider Website and its officers, employees, agents and suppliers harmless from any and all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), howsoever suffered or incurred due to or arising out of your breach of this T&C, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


Signing up at Coprovider Website shall imply your acceptance of these T&C in total. If you do not accept them, do not navigate the CoProvider Website.


The Website is published by the company SYNCHTECH - FZCO, registered and located in DTEC, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai- UAE.


These T&C shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, Dubai and UAE laws, any dispute relating to these T&C which have not been resolved amicably shall finally be referred to the competent courts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, including in the event of third-party claim, plurality of defendants, impleader or summary proceedings.