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PaaS By CoProvider

Procurement as a Service (PaaS) is an outsourced service like consultancy, accounting, auditing, training and digital marketing. When a company decides to share or outsource a service, it expects the outsourced service is either cheaper, better or faster than if it was delivered in-house. Additionally, the outsourcing normally tends to free up the company’s resources and time to work smartly and to focus on core business activities or strategic spends only. 

Indeed, the growth and popularity of outsourcing is a growth on Economy of Sharing which reflects the maturity level of the market. Simply, it enables the key players in market to keep elevating on the quality of the provided services. Vice versa is the model of vertically integrated, which means a company does everything in-house. The great example in this contest is the good maturity of facility management industry in UAE. According to Global FM Market 2018 Report, FM outsourced workforce is 51.8% of total FM workforce with a total value of outsourced deals reaching 3.48 billion US dollar.

Knowing that UAE holds around 350,000 micro, small and medium enterprises with various level of understanding of the importance of procurement as a value adding function and an accelerator to business growth, we, in CoProvider, have initiated PaaS to fill the gap in this market. 

The solution of PaaS is developed for buying services on behalf of clients in ethical, transparent and with optimum total cost of ownership (TCO). The solution is operated by CIPS qualified staff in procurement who leverage CoProvider’s technology made for e-sourcing purposes. PaaS covers multiple activities in sourcing which happens in a seamless and effective environment. The process starts with understanding the RFX (RFQ’s, RFP’s,..) from the client prior to develop it properly, circulate it with the pre-qualified vendors in the online marketplace of , benchmark received offers, negotiate offers, support client to take decision, develop a contract, track and correct the performance of supply, vendor and payment by the client. Finally, evaluating the contract and vendor for continuous improvement.

Clients also can receive valuable reports on their spend analysis and associated market insights for better future decisions. 

The targeted clients at this initial stage is the business communities and its affiliates. Feel free to send us your kind inquiry to