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The CEO's message

I  have co-built CoProvider in order to connect service buyers & sellers with a simple approach and effective one at the same time. In addition to simplifying and standardizing the process of Request for Proposals (RFP’s).

A kind of lengthy process on finding and benchmarking service providers was my every day challenge for many years spent on purchasing various services. Apparently, it is a mutual challenge shared with over 20,000 procurement professionals in UAE alone. Therefore, I thought of the necessity of creating a B2B portal as a game changer. 

I am confident that CoProvider will bring professional and economic positive impacts through helping buyers of services finding relative providers. Moreover, to open fair opportunities to service sellers showing their capacities and expertise.

Hence, It's a pleasure inviting you to join us today as a buyer or a seller and enjoy the different professional experience. Your feedback is really appreciated and will help us serve you better.

Ahmed Khalid